19 7 / 2014

You can now Sync and Charge your iPhone, iPad or iPod with your computer or a wall mounted USB Charger, using the Amkette’s Lightning Cable. It is a high quality, durable, soft and flexible cable with high performance which meets the latest standards of Lightning cables. Below mentions the key features Lightning cable.

1. Designed to meet iOS devices compatibility

2. Metal Reinforced Connector for long life and good looks

3. Highest quality cable to ensure optimum performance

4. High speed data transfer of speed up to 480Mbps between PC and device.

5. Can be used with wall mounted USB Charger


31 5 / 2014

Amkette is back again with a range of amazing speakers, called the Trubeats Pixie.The look is simply amazing. Handy and most importantly it has got multiple colorful sleeves, Yes,its a portable Bluetooth speaker that is designed especially with precision. It gives a user a fresh look along with the feel of music. I am sure, you would be surprised to know that it is a bluetooth speaker. You can just connect to the phone and enjoy music on the go.  You can just stream the music over Bluetooth and enjoy. Amkette has incorporated voice prompts technology into it. This technology can help the user  understand and guide with everything that is needed. I must say the look is amazing and moreover, it can be used in some small get togethers.So, now you can gear up for a small get together. Trubeats Pixie is launching tomorrow exclusively on Snapdeal at an amazing price. Don’t loose your chance to get this amazing speaker at such a good price.Click http://www.snapdeal.com/products/mobiles-bluetooth/?sort=plrty&#plrty|Brand:Amkette|Type_s:Bluetooth%20Speaker|.and grab one for yourself. Offer closes on Saturday evening.Buy a Trubeats Pixie and l change the sleeves of your speaker everyday!! Every moment!!

13 5 / 2014

Well, what to say about speakers. Speakers have become a part and parcel of our life today, especially the portable speakers. We love music and the only way to have fun is to enjoy music. The portable speakers are the best option today for travellers. Well, I love to carry portable speakers when I am on the go. Few days back, I was looking for a portable speaker so that I can carry it anywhere I want. Luckily, my hands laid down on Amazon where I found an amazing

aker. Its Amkette guys from Trubeats collection. The look is simply amazing. Handy and most importantly it has got multiple colorful sleeves. Named “Pixie”, its a portable Bluetooth speaker that is designed especially with precision. What I have noticed is that it can give a user a fresh look along with the feel of music. I am sure, you would be surprised to know that it is a bluetooth speaker. I can just connect to the phone and enjoy music on the go. I can just stream the music over Bluetooth and enjoy. Amkette has incorporated voice prompts technology into it. This technology can help me understand and guide me with everything I need.

I must say the look is amazing and moreover, it can be used in some small get togethers. Well, I am going to organize a small party for my friends and I will be using this speaker. I am highly impressed. It is due to be released. I can’t wait anymore. I am pre-ordering the item as it is reasonable too. Now, I will change the sleeves of my speaker everyday!! Every moment!!


13 5 / 2014

I must say Amkette is one of the leading brands that is always in the process of bringing something new. Since the time of its inception, it has been consistently focussing on technologically advanced gadgets. Yesterday, while I was surfing the internet, I found a new launch by them. The new launch is the Evo Tv Android Entertainment Central. Well, it is basically a hard disk media player that not only has got the Ice Cream Sandwich but also exceptional hardware specifications. Most importantly, it has got youtube on tv. Wow!! that sounds quite interesting. From reviews, I have come to know that it has got an amazing User Interface for navigating all the media. I am sure I am going to have a great time with this Android Entertainment Central (AC). In addition to youtube, I am going to have fun with live news, star sports streaming.

So far, what I have come to know is that it is available in all the leading portals such as Amazon. Moreover its price is very competitive. Getting an advanced gadget within pocket friendly budget is something that everybody expects. Well, as it is available on Amazon, I am going to place the order today itself. I have even recommended few of my friends as they have purchased the earlier versions of Evo TV too. But I am sure this 1080p media player would be something that one had never ever expected. Air motion remote is just a superb addition. I am going to have so fun fun!!

13 5 / 2014

Amkette Trubeats Pixie is a portable Bluetooth speaker which comes with beautiful multi color silicone sleeves. Simply take one off and put on another color sleeve and give your speaker a fresh look. Stream your music over Bluetooth and groove to the tunes while you are on the go. With voice prompts technology it is easy to understand and use at every step with power on, paired, connected, incoming call, and more.Built for adventure, this is the perfect device you are looking for. This speaker is loud enough for a room and can complement small parties. This wireless speaker has an inbuilt microphone that is an added advantage to your calls and with its multi-pairing technology you can stay connected to two different phones at the same time.


28 4 / 2014

YouTube parties, movie marathons and endless gaming, the Amkette Evo TV AC & MC are a dream come true!

Now seamlessly stream movies, watch your favourite matches and download your favourite games on the all new Amkette Evo TV Android Central (AC) and Media Centre (MC). So you need not switch on your laptop each time to access international content be it your favourite TV shows, music, etc. because your TV has it all. Become your friends favourite with endless entertainment options on your TV without having to worry about downloads or spending a single penny.

The Evo TV Android Central and Media Centre come with a fun and easy user interface. The apps you download, get into relevant folders by themselves so you need not spend time sorting them. They also offer a unique YouTube remote that enables the users to control the EvoTV YouTube app from any smart device. So get set to have fun by organizing your own YouTube Parties with community playlists.

Priced reasonably, you can start watching movies in 1080P from your hard disk, streaming YouTube clips in seconds, or downloading thousands of Android Apps and Games on this digital media player. The Evo TV empowers its users by supporting all popular video and audio formats so you need not worry about the compatibility of the device again.


11 4 / 2014

My friend is a sales manager in a reputed company. He is always on the go and spends maximum time travelling. As I have been from a technical background and I have interests in all new gadgets, electronics, mobile accessories and so on. Nowadays, people generally want something that they can carry with them almost everywhere. I, being an individual also keeps on searching for products that helps me on the go. To be honest, I generally go for portable chargers because chargers are the most important thing that one needs today to charge a gadget. A friend of mine told me that USB On-The-Go, often abbreviated USB OTG or just OTG, is something that is being used by a number of individuals who are always on the go. Well, since it is something I have never heard of, I tried researching about the product.

It is basically a kind of hub and card reader that facilitates one to transfer data to and from smartphones/ USB devices such as digital audio players, USB flash drive,mouse, or keyboard etc. This is a hub for mobile or a phone connector, in other words can be used as a flash drive to phone connector. and read its contents, downloading music for instance, but then act as a flash drive when plugged into a host computer and allow the host to read data from the device. Its now available online on Amazon.in. I am so impressed with the device that I have ordered this device from the portal. I am expected to receive this device within a day or two. This multi USB port is going to be a great help to me.

21 3 / 2014

Today Android has become something that has ruled the world. Well, I would say that it is an operating system designed for smart people. As per my point of view, it has got great user interface. Yesterday, I was scrolling down Amazon.in to find a fun device, basically a media streamer and to my surprise I laid my hands on the Android Media Center by Amkette. Well, it appeared to be an interesting device. So, i looked into it in more details. It is a digital media player that stream content in second. I can watch live news and music anytime i want.

Well, it supports 1080P Full HD playback for all popular video and audio formats. I can say that it’s going to be a awesome streaming box by Amkette. It is because it supports high definition and i can watch non stop youtube on tv, nba in india and so on. To be honest, after reading the description and its features, i couldn’t stop myself from ordering it. Since the device is not yet released, i have pre ordered the Android media center from Amazon.in. For more information, one can visit http://www.amazon.in/Amkette-Android-MC-YouTube-streaming/dp/B00J0RXA6U/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1395402496&sr=8-1-fkmr0&keywords=amkette+evo+tv+android+media+center

12 3 / 2014

I cannot deny the fact that I am a die hard fan of music. I love to listen to music by putting my earphones/headsets into my ears. Recently, I came up with a new device released by Amkette. Well, it’s a Bluetooth headset and receiver that can be clipped on anywhere around the neck, on the collar etc. Undoubtedly, it’s an amazing product as it includes superb features. This product by Amkette is highly portable . Well, I am highly excited as it acts as an aux cable and lets me handle calls handsfree. In addition, I can have full control over music and calls.

Most interestingly, I can connect  this bluetooth receiver to my mobile phone and speakers as well. I just clip it around my collar and I am on the go. Well, what else do I need. This is an excellent Bluetooth sportclip or in other words, pocket clip bluetooth. This is one of the great Amkette earphones being launched. I have ordered the  Wireless Bluetooth  from Amazon. as it is available at an amazing rate. For more information, click on http://www.amazon.in/Amkette-Trubeats-Portable-Bluetooth-Receiver/dp/B00IWM4630/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1394626496&sr=8-1&keywords=amkette+clip+on

24 2 / 2014

A fun and a useful feature that allows people to capture moments is the webcam and it can be more fun when it adds few exceptional features. Well, Amkette has introduced a Truview HD Webcam that allows the facility of connecting to the world and chat to our loved ones through Skype, Yahoo Messenger. Most interestingly, it also allows one to join Google Hangouts, MSN Messenger. I am sure, it’s going to be a great device. Other features it has incorporated into it is the Truview Magic Filter gives surprisingly beautiful effects to the images. So, I have decided to surely end up with this device. One of the most interesting feature is the presence of its Ino HD Lens that optimizes the image and gives great image quality even in poor light conditions. The HD camera is just mindblowing as it can shoot 24 MP images as well as record videos absolutely crystal clear. Thanks to the Amkette TruView Camlife Software that is designed quite innovative.

So, I am planning to buy this Truview HD Web cam and I am sure it’s gonna rock the show. For more information, visit