30 7 / 2013

Amkette True Chat  Boomer is a hi-quality headset with booming bass that makes it bigger on audio and bigger on sound. It has been specially designed for gaming and music.  It is well suited for Internet cafes, home users, system Integrators & call centers. The inbuilt 40 mm Neodymium speaker drivers gives you high fidelity, natural and a lossless sound experience, for gaming and VOIP calls. The soft ear pads and the soft padding headband makes it an ideal companion for marathon gaming sessions. http://www.amkette.com

Key features –

  •    Type of Headset:  Over-the-ear (Circum-aural)
  •    Headset Design:  Over-the-head
  •    Excellent Hi-Fidelity sound
  •    Noise-isolating earphones
  •    Designed for marathon sessions
  •   Noise cancelling microphone
  •    Ideal companion for games
  •    Gold plated connectors for TruAudio and TruVoice communication
  •    Flexible Mic Design
  •    Compatibility with any sound card
  •    40 mm Neodymium speaker drive
  •    Soft Ear pads
  •    Available in two colors red and black.