26 9 / 2013

Trubeats Slix from Amkette features angled ear buds designed for a comfortable fit. Additionally the two sides of the headphone are magnetically coupled, which keeps them in an ideal position for convenient wearing. Light in weight Trubeats Slix is made especially for workout sessions or a daily commute in metro or bus and it complements today’s active lifestyle. Its easy to wear design makes it convenient when you put it on your ears.

Connecting the headset.

Pairing Amkette Trubeats Slix with any Bluetooth enabled device is really easy. Just press the pairing button until the light starts blinking red and blue making the device available for pairing. The device has a range of 10 metres which means that you don’t have to worry about getting disconnected every now and then. With Amkette Trubeats Slix experience the finest in sound quality.

Now  listen to Hi-Fi stereo music and make calls on the go wirelessly with Amkette Trubeats Slix .

 Key Features

  Wireless Music and Calls on the Go

  • Magnetic Clips: Dual magnets on Slix headphone ensures easy wearability in left and right ears.

  • Futuristic looks: Its futuristic design makes you stylish and comfortable ear buds provide you freedom to wear it for longer time.

  • Angled Ear buds: Once you wear the headphone it must be fit properly, to ensure this slix has angled ear buds which goes comfortably in your ears so that you can enjoy your favorite music, Also it comes with extra pairs of earbuds to fit the shape of your ears.

  • Easy to wear : Its magnetic clip and heart shape design makes it convenient when you put it on your ears.